The Pros and Cons of Selling Lipsense


As a distributor yes u can sell a tube of lipsense lipstick color for $23-27. For only $50 you can start selling it yourself and make great money promise you this will be the best $50 you have ever spent. These color tubes last dozens of application, buyers would also need a lipsense gloss and ooops remover.

Depending on your monthly purchase volume, You get $300 in product free every $300 you spend. This business is booming with endless opportunities. Customers typically have to buy from a distributor, if they choose to buy directly from the Senegence website they have to enter a distributor ID in order to place orders.

Cost to sign up is incredibly low.  If you’re wondering how to become a SeneGence distributor, the cost to invest is only $50-$55 and you receive the New Distributor Packet in the mail which contains everything you need for quick onboarding. This company is incredibly generous in your first 90 days of signing up you have the opportunity of receiving over $1,200 in free products that you can either keep for yourself or resale.

Each distributor is treated as their own little boutique store and can sell you the product.  You don’t have to know how to make a website or anything like that.  It is smart to use Facebook and other social media channels to post your pictures and videos. It’s so easy, fun and completely rewarding.

No monthly minimums. Thankfully, there’s no monthly order requirements or minimums and no scheduled autoship orders. There are many other perks as well as earning up to 10% on all down line orders.  They will send you checks as well as free products to test out.  SeneGence products actually last, after you try Lipsense you will become obsessed.

Join a Lipsense Team

As a distributor you get Fantastic discounts on beauty products you want for yourself. , you can save upwards of 50% on long-lasting makeup. It has a Well-defined and generous compensation plan, So just think of it as buy 1 get 1 free and you never know the ways in which it can change your life.